The Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) will replace the existing Emergency Services Levy (ESL) from 1 July 2017. The FESL will help fund fire and emergency services in NSW.

What is the FESL?

What is the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL)?
What is changing?
Is this a new levy?
Why is the change happening?
Will the FESL change the amount of funding for NSW's fire and emergency services?
Am I being charged charged twice? Should I request a refund?
Does this mean I no longer need to insure my home and property?
Should I ask my council for a refund of ESL paid via my insurance policy?
How does the FESL compare to Victoria's Fire Services Levy?
Was there consultation prior to the introduction of FESL legislation?

How much will the FESL cost?

How much will households pay?
How much ESL I am I currently paying on my insurance?
How will the FESL be calculated?
Are there any concessions?
Will stamp duty and / or GST apply to the FESL?
Will those people in apartments or units pay the same as those in houses?
I'm a pensioner. What does the FESL mean for me?
Will vacant land be subject to the FESL?
What is the definition of vacant land?
What is unimproved land value?
How are FESL rates determined?

How will my insurance be affected?

How does the FESL affect my insurance?
Will the cost of my insurance premium fall?
How can I be certain insurance companies will pass on the savings once the ESL is removed?
What is the role of the Insurance Monitor?
What insurance policies currently have an ESL charge on them?

How will the FESL be paid?

Who will pay the FESL?
How will I pay the FESL?
What will my council rates notice look like after the FESL is introduced?
If I have multiple properties, will I have to pay more than one levy?
What happens if I cannot pay FESL?
Will the special needs of farmers and those living in rural areas be taken into account?
Will businesses pay the levy?
Will businesses contribute a smaller share of the FESL revenue than is currently paid under the ESL?
Will I get a refund on ESL if I cancel my insurance policy?
If I sell my property, will I get a refund for the portion of the year that I no longer own the property?
If I’ve already paid through my insurance, will I have to pay through my council rates too?
Why the change in the land valuation cycle?
Will renters / tenants have to pay the FESL?